Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

"As an organisation Nike prides itself on offering value added employee benefits, of which Financial Coaching’s unique Team Financial Coaching Program is a component.  I have personally benefited from the professional advice I have received, and the level of service offered is exceptional to all Nike team members.

Having a strong relationship with a qualified, professional organisation allows Nike to keep administration costs to a minimum by outsourcing the legislative and compliance requirements associated with superannuation, which allows us to focus on our own core business."

Tony Balfour (former Managing Director Nike Australia, NZ & Pacific Islands)

"We have come to rely on Financial Coaching for help, since I experience a health issue, which has triggered an insurance claim. Their assistance in managing and outlining our options and educating us about the insurance claims process had help us a lot, particularly in these trying times.

We have found that Financial Coaching staff are always readily available when contacted and would often call to provide updates, If particular benefit, has been their willingness to deal with Barbara given my health issue.

The Financial Coaching team have shown empathy with our position and have also helped us deal with our superannuation affairs which must be a thank less task."

Bernard & Barbara

"The team at Financial Coaching have provided me with what I would consider to be great service over a range of different areas over a period of time. They have taken the time to meet with myself and my wife, to personally go through our personal insurance needs.  Everything was explained in simple terms and they were very patience with us, as we worked out want we needed."


"Whilst I can obviously only comment on my own behalf I am aware of others within our organisation who hold similar views. In my view Financial Coaching’s attention to detail was excellent, their service was very good and also at my convenience and their advice was in line with my expectations with a number of valuable insights to the various options available.

Financial Coaching’s people were always available and further were able to communicate a sometimes difficult and confusing topic in a clear, concise manner."

Bruce Brunton

"To deliver a high standard and be successful we also believe in forging strong relationships with our service providers. We were looking for an organisation which had a strong reputation for delivering quality products and services in the area of superannuation and financial planning. This resulted in the appointment of Financial Coaching to re-structure our superannuation options for the Group, with a specific focus on providing value added benefits to all our employees.

Financial Coaching’s commitment to regularly visit each of our facility to conduct education sessions and offer those value added benefits, have been a huge success.

Financial Coaching and their professional team have a real passion for making a difference to each individual and consistently deliver enthusiasm which sets them apart from the run of the mill."

Bryan Dorman (former Executive Chairman Regis)

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