What is Financial Coaching?

Our loyalty is to you

We operate in the best interests of our clients. We think it is vitally important to know that there can be no secondary agenda in the advice you receive. You need to know that any product recommendations have been made because they are the best for your personal circumstances.

Financial Coaching only has one loyalty - you, our client!


We specialise in a limited range of financial disciplines and have a strong focus on maintaining our skills in these areas by not only having the necessary tertiary education and significant experience, but by devoting significant time to professional development to ensure our advice is up to date with the constantly changing rules.

Time saving

It is our job to ensure that your financial plan is meeting your short, medium and long term goals. We aim to save you time, so you can spend more time on the things you enjoy.

Peace of mind

We are a conservative business and all our decisions are based on extensive research and education.

We believe if you purchase quality investments and engage in advice that is well within the spirit of all the regulations and tax laws, you will do better in the medium to long term.

Personal goal cultivating

An important element is to develop yourself through the financial planning process by establishing goals through a road map that we jointly create.

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